Tan Sri Syed Mohd Yusof Bin Tun Syed Nasir

Tan Sri Syed Mohd Yusof Bin Tun Syed Nasir is the Chairman and major shareholder of YLI Holdings Berhad (Co. No. 367249-A). He was appointed to the Board of the Company on 15 August 2007.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics degree majoring in Accountancy from the University of Tasmania, Australia in early ‘70s. He started his career with Petronas in 1976 where he served in various capacities, the last being the Head of Northern Region.  In 1983  he left Petronas to venture into business.    He is a multi-talented entrepreneur and he has more than 20 years of experience in integrated marketing, financial and management operations for several major corporations involved in investment holding, marketing, hotel industry, automobile industry, restaurant operation and entertainment, property development and construction. He was formerly the Chairman of Southern Bank Berhad and Killinghall (Malaysia) Bhd and a former Director of Southern Finance Berhad and Am Trustee Berhad. Currently, he sits on the Board of several private limited companies.